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About Bering Optics

  • Bering Optics is an independent manufacturer of a full-line of night vision optics, red dot sights and accessories.

  • Established in 2009, Texas-based Bering Optics is one of the few remaining manufacturers that creates and designs its own products.

  • Bering Optics product parameters have no rounding or exaggerations - the consumer gets exactly what is advertised.

  • To ensure customer satisfaction, all products come with the Limited Lifetime Warranty for optical and mechanical parts. Furthermore, all products pass a quality check before being shipped to the customer.

  • Customer supportive website, www.beringoptics.com, featuring complete product information including key specifications, instruction manuals and the original “Look through the device” visual simulation feature.

  • Gun Trade World magazine listed Bering Optics as of one of the leading manufactures in the Riflescopes as well as Night Vision Spotlight section during 2013 & 2014 seasons, a honor carried by only a few makers.

  • The Bering Optics product lineup features more than 40 models. Every model has been well thought about and fully tested before being offered to ensure the maximum satisfaction and the same approach will be utilized as we keep expending the Bering Optics entire line.

What is new?

  • Urban Patrol night vision camera with digital zoom - a compact and lightweight digital NV device with a built-in micro USB port and micro SD card with ability to capture images, record videos and playback them back on the go. 

  • HiPo digital NV monocular - a high power NV device featuring a d60mm front lens and impressive 7x optical magnification. HiPo is tripod mountable making prolonged observation comfortable. It is also 20% more energy efficient than the completion running up to 7 hours from one set of batteries.   

  • Hard hat designed headgear compatible with a popular GoPro® camera as well as other action cameras, where the camera is mounted in a headlamp-like position. The head gear features a quick release mounting socket for a quick set up and ease of operation. 

  • Trifecta Gen I+ 3.0x50 Night Vision Sight - a compact varmint hunting riflescope. The riflescope features over-sized windage and elevation knobs, ballistic red-on-green reticle with the bullet-drop compensation scale, precise windage and elevation adjustment mechanism, the front lens focusing ring and a knob to manually control reticle brightness. 

  • Night Probe Mini Gen2+ / Gen3 - one of the most compact and lightweight NV attachments in the world's marketplace. Night Probe Mini mounts directly in-front of the daytime optics using a clip-on mounting system. There is an optional side mount to mount Night Probe Mini onto the rifle in-line with the daytime tactical scopes.